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Severe Weather Forecasting Activity
The Severe Weather Forecasting Exercise is a web-based exercise that is designed to stimulate interest in severe weather. This exercise is being developed for use by all levels of meteorologists and K-12 students as well. Because of the wide range of skills among users, there are three versions of the forecasting exercise.

Versions of the Forecasting Exercise:

Basic Version:

This version of the exercise contains questions that are geared for primary meteorology classes. The questions in this version emphasis weather map reading skills and basic forecasting principals.

Intermediate Version:

This version extends the basic version and asks questions that require a fundamental understanding of basic meteorological concepts. These questions are geared to a college introductory meteorology class.

Advanced Version:

This version was developed for use by upper-level synoptic meteorology classes. The questions in this exercise were created by Dr Gallus for use in his 300 and 400 level forecasting classes. Advanced topics like CAPE, vorticity and shear are explored in this exercise.

The advanced version has a built in administrative feature that allows instructors to customize the advanced version for use by their students. More information on this capability can be found here.

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