Energy Balance

The container below has a faucet for inflow and drain for outflow. Water drains at a constant rate represented by a blue line on the bottom graph. At time t=0, water begins draining from the container, causing the level to drop. The lower graph records the rate of inflow of water from the faucet and the upper graph records the water level.


A pump is on a timer which allows the faucet to work only after 6 and before 18 hours.After 6 hours of water draining out of the tub, you will be allowed to control water flow into the tank by adjusting a faucet located above the tank. Use the slider below to control the rate of inflow. Adjust the faucet so that the maximum water level during the 24 hour period is 70" (2"). You may adjust the inflow rate once every hour between the hours of t=6 and t=18. Use the graphs and tub diagram below to help you.


1) Read the questions below the simulation
2) Complete the simulation task and answer the questions on another sheet of paper
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4) Answer the questions contained in the assignment Budget_Sim_Questions

Budget Simulation Questions

1) At what time did the peak inflow from the faucet occur?

2) At what time did the peak water level in the tank occur?

3) Under what conditions of inflow and outflow did the water level increase?

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